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Stalybridge Wasp Control & Wasp Nest Treatments

Stockport Wasp Control offer a fixed price Wasp Nest Treatment Service in the Stalybridge area for just £35.00 with no hidden extras and no nasty suprises, Additional Wasp Nest Treatments discovered on our visit will charged at an additional fixed price of £10.00.

Wasp Nest Treatments and Wasp Control is necessary to prevent the risk of a Wasp sting that could potentially hospitalise a person with side effects ranging can range from minor discomfort to swelling and breathing difficulties.

Don't pay twice, If we visit your home in Stalybridge and don't get all of the Wasps on the first visit we will not charge for you for a second treatment.

Wasp Nests can be dangerous and Wasp may cause harm to Children and other Animals and Pets, whilst it is possible to try and tackle a wasps nest in Stalybridge yourself, we would highly recommend you do not try it, as wasps can and will become extremely aggressive if disturbed and their sting can easily penetrate clothing a safe wasps nest removal requires professional expertise and at Stalybridge Wasp Control we have all the expertise and equipment needed on hand 24/7.

The Stalybridge area has habitat perfect for the two species of Wasp native to Stalybridge and the UK. Wasps Nests are found suspended from trees, nest boxes, rafters and dormer windows.

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